Hello there. I’m Kat Lombard-Cook, neé Sicard, a researcher in design and comics based in Massachusetts and Scotland.


After graduating with a BA in graphic design, I spent 6 years working in post-production & motion graphics, co-creative directing corporate videos, public service announcements & educational videos for a company outside of Boston, MA, USA.


I then pursued my Master’s in Communication Design at the Glasgow School of Art. In my two years there, I focused on non-traditional narrative forms, interaction & reading.


I was awarded my PhD in Design at the University of Edinburgh, The Edinburgh College of Art in June 2017. My research project is titled “Interrogating and Analyzing Narrative Structure Through Comic Books”.


I enjoy being involved in the comics community, both as an academic and a creator. I've had my comics published in TGC (both online and in print). And I've been involved in organizing an unconference and traditional conference on the medium. There's more about me in the links in the footer as well as more of my design work.


If you want to get in touch, my email is katlombardcook at gmail dot com


A pdf of my CV can be found at this link: Kat Lombard-Cook CV