Design Portfolios


My design career has explored a variety of paths and practices since the first mailing I designed for my college was posted off in 2003. I spent six years primarily immersed in video design and motion graphics, but always kept a toe in print design, working on marketing for the small company I was employed by. Then I took the plunge back into the world of academia, pursuing my MFA and PhD. While my personal work ventured down avenues that pushed the edges of narrative and structure, I continued to create professional work for a diverse audience through music promotional material. I have assembled a collection of case studies and selected portfolios that highlight the diverse range of skills I have accumulated along the way, and I hope, highlight the variety of work I enjoy producing.


Case Studies—Brand Application and Process in Video and Digital Media


If you want to see more or keep up to date with my work, head on over to my Behance profile. My motion-graphic work can be found on my Vimeo portfolio.