Design as Research Portfolio


Doll House Comic #2—Victorian Style



While the layout of ‘Four Floors’ matched my childhood home in a more architecturally linear fashion, it did not convey the small rooms, cobbled together fixtures, and Victorian stylings I associate with the decaying, turn of the century structure I grew up in. The contrast between these two houses that depict the same space works to counteract the false sense of objectivity that can accompany memories adhered to verifiable locations. Despite our existential longings for a fixed past, our recollections are always contingent on our present self. Presenting various, often conflicting, iterations of the same space, I aim to create a narrative whole which is larger than its constituent elements. This also serves to parallel the dominant theory of my thesis that espouses the friction between the various languages within an utterance of a comics panel or page as a site for ideation beyond linguistic conceptualization. It is my position that constructive tension begets emergent knowledges.


Outcome: (see also the gallery here)

Victorian Style:

  • (above) House as encountered in situ;
  • (below) Interior of house in situ and detail of left-hand wall

Victorian Style Details:

  • (left and below) Abutting exterior deck panels;
  • (bottom): Facing interior roof panels for bedroom