Video and Animation for Multimedia Student Work Examples


Information Graphic


Example Assignment

Now that we are comfortable with the basics of After Effects, such as setting up our project, using keyframes and applying effects, we are going to build on these skills to create a longer project.


We are going to create an animation that utilizes multiple instances of text and more than one scene to build a narrative that is informative. Conceive, write, storyboard and animate short video that shares a thought, explains something or tells a story to the viewer.


This could be explaining why geese fly in a V formation, what the goal of a local non-profit is, the best way to build and ice cream sundae, or illustrating the shrinking of the polar ice caps. As long as it is a story that can be told in one to two minutes!


We will also incorporate music and/or other audio into our project. We will want to have this audio support our communication goal. For example, it would be jarring for an up-beat pop song to accompany statistics about the extinction of an endangered species.



Approximately 1–2mn mp4 compressed for upload to YouTube or Vimeo