Video and Animation for Multimedia Student Work Examples


Mobile App Pitch


Example Assignment

Motion graphics are incredibly useful in explaining and “pitching” an idea. This project will combine two design problems you may face as an animator/motion graphics designer in digital media design.


Conceive, storyboard and plan a Mobile App for either iOS or Android. You will come up with an idea for a new mobile app and design the elements of the user interface (UI). We will discuss basic elements of UI and UX (user experience) design and utilize this when creating our apps.


Then we will use our After Effects skills to present our apps in a video format, pitching the idea as if to investors. Your video can address questions such as: how does your app work; what is new and different about your idea; what features are included in your app; is your app social (and if so, what social media does it connect to, or is it its own social platform); what gap in the current market does your app fill; or what ‘pain point’ in current UX does your app address?



Approximately 1.5–2mn mp4 compressed for upload to YouTube or Vimeo