Video and Animation for Multimedia Student Work Examples


Type Design Static and Motion


Example Assignment

Composition is easier to grasp in a “static” or printed format. In this assignment, you will design an 11” x 17” poster using a short quote from a reputable artist or designer.


You will then animate the same quote in HDTV format both to learn After Effects and better understand design composition in the context of the motion graphic format and HDTV video “frame.”


The poster and the video should utilize the same elements. I.e. you may design your poster in layers and bring those layers into After Effects to be animated in your video.


The two deliverables need to look like two applications of the same idea—like they are two elements in an ad campaign, for example.


The poster and the video should reinforce the message of your quote. The text itself may act out the quote or your overall design may enforce the concept described in the quote. Be creative!



Poster: 11x17 pdf

Video: 30-60 second mp4 compressed for upload to YouTube or Vimeo