Video and Animation for Multimedia Student Work Examples


Course Description


This project-led elective covers the design, planning and production of video and animation for computer-based interactive multimedia works. It introduces design and communication students to the tools necessary to create videos, motion graphics, animations and user-interfaces for distribution on the web and other digital platforms.


Many of the students in this course are Interactive Multimedia or Graphic Design majors. Any number of them will enter the workforce under the assumption that they can comfortably work and remediate between print, video, web and interactive environments. With this in mind, I have chosen to focus the curriculum on utilizing the specific affordances of video and animation in crafting effective communications.


Assignments offer the students a chance to interrogate how the medium can aid them in reaching their audience and how the same message might be articulated differently in a variety of media channels. Students explore broad storytelling techniques which are especially applicable in animation and motion graphics, but are transferable skills that can inform their communications strategies in other media as well.


By the end of the course, students are expected to have the ability to conceive, research, plan & produce motion graphic projects using the techniques, concepts, and vocabulary of the industry. Focus is placed on the process of concept development, visualization, feedback and revision.


While students must master various features of both Premier and After Effects for this course, I focus on how these tools allow them to reach their communications goals. By grounding the technical details in real-world applications and deliverables that they can see and share, often complex concepts are made more concrete and relatable.


As the students become more adept with the software, the projects build on the processes from prior assignments. Creating a pitch video for a mobile app, for example, will combine the text animation skills with 2D or 3D motion graphics on a technical level, while also considering concepts of user interface design.


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